Daniel Patty, DPM

About Dr. Daniel Patty

Doctor Patty is humbled with the opportunity and is ready to serve the wonderful people of Orem, Utah. He has worked with and developed a great relationship with Dr. Gary Ridge over the years. Dr. Ridge has served the area with honesty and integrity.

Dan enjoys the support of his lovely wife Amber and they have 3 children: Grace, Logan, and Kate.

Dr. Patty loves church and community service and spending time with his friends and family, going rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.

Dr. Patty is proficient in foot and ankle surgical procedures including total ankle replacements, forefoot and rearfoot trauma, reconstructive surgeries with external and internal fixation, arthroscopy, limb salvage procedures, bunions and hammertoes. Due to his experience with Dr. Ridge, Dr. Patty was chosen to continue his practice goals to provide the highest quality of care and best treatment options available. Dr. Patty's practice specializes in reconstructive surgery, trauma, sports medicine, and diabetic limb preservation. Dr. Patty is actively involved in research, proposing improvements now being pursued jointly with his affiliated physicians, with national and international patents pending.

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Address: 157 North 400 West B7, Orem, Utah 84057
Phone: 801-226-2421

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